For Personal Trainers and Online Coaches wanting more and higher-paying client While working HALF the time...

Discover How I Close 5 - 7 NEW Training Clients EVERY Month, Manage A Team of 12 Coaches, Generate 1.5 Million A Year In Revenue, All While Working Under 15 hours A Week.

And How You Can Copy & Paste This New Model Into Your Personal Training & Online Coaching Business Using One Simple App.

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The GTR Method

How To GAIN Clients

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How To TRAIN Clients

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How to RETAIN Clients

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The ONLY APP you'll ever need to scale your coaching business

(SERIOUSLY, you can get rid of ALL your other Personal Training Softwares below AND you can run your ENTIRE BUSINESS from your phone)

How To GAIN Clients

Video Learning Modules include but are not limited to...

  • Millionaire Mindset
  • Nail Your Niche
  • Optimizing Your Offer
  • Lucrative Landing Pages
  • E3 Content Creation
  • Referral Maximizer
  • Power Partners
  • Income From Influencers
  • Brilliant Branding
  • The Fortune Follow Up
  • The Pre-qualification Call
  • Setting Up Your Sales Packet
  • 7-Figure Sales Sequence

How To TRAIN Clients

Video Learning Modules include but are not limited to...

  • Training Onboarding
  • Nutrition Onboarding
  • Mobility Onboarding
  • The BTT Method
  • Timeless Training Techniques
  • How To Run A Session
  • How To Check In A Client
  • Higher Level Education
  • Know Your Numbers
  • Coaches Coalition

How to RETAIN Clients

Video Learning Modules include but are not limited to...

  • 7R's Of A 7 Figure Coach
  • The "Success Session"
  • Scale Yourself First
  • Churn Reducer Checklist
  • The Money Matrix (KPIs)
  • Hiring Heuristics
  • Competent Coaches
  • Magical Meetingss
  • Choose Your Path
  • When To Open A Studio

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The only Online Coaching and Personal Training Software you'll ever need.


Customized marketing tools designed to attract and retain clients seamlessly integrated with-in

  • Advertising Copy
  • Landing Pages
  • Lead Analytics
  • Automations
  • Email Newsletters


A powerful C.R.M. system designed to efficiently manage relationships with new, current, and old clients

  • Manage Contacts
  • Categorized Lists
  • Create & Manage Deals
  • Intuitive Follow Up Tasks


Our platform includes secure and reliable payment processing, so you don't have to integrate Stripe or any other payment system. You can start accepting payments right away and easily manage transactions all in one place.


A messaging area that actually makes sense.

Manage your clients, your team, groups, and more!

  • Text with Trainers and Clients
  • Send Audio Messages, Images and Links
  • Flag Important Messages
  • Archive Old Messages


An appointment platform that is specifically designed for Trainers.

  • Schedule Sessions
  • Manage Visits
  • Integrated With Google and Apple Calendar


Access a variety of pre-built training programs customized to help achieve each client's unique goals

  • Pre-Built Workouts for Every Goal
  • Build Your Own Workouts
  • Exercise Database
  • F.R.C. Database
  • Stretching Database


Create personalized nutrition plans tailored to each client's needs

  • Create Custom Meal Plans
  • Create Custom Macro Plans
  • Create Custom Supplement Plans
  • Connect Clients with Meal Delivery Services
  • Track Client's Macros


The cleanest dashboard ever created to manage client progress

  • Progress Overview
  • Goals Analitycs
  • Check-in Tracker
  • Check-ins Tasks
  • Onboarding Check List


Effortlessly manage your business with tailored metrics and reports that provide meaningful insights and help you make informed decisions

  • Sales Reports
  • Automatic Payment Capture
  • Manage Refunds
  • Trainer Sales & Projections
  • KPI's on a level that you've never seen before.


A Coaching Community inside the platform that give you access to other high level coaches

  • Build Your Reputaion as a Coach
  • Access The Best Education in Fitness
  • Interact with Coaches World Wide
  • Book Mentorship Calls to Answer any Questions You Have.


Administration Made Easy

  • Manage Assistant Coaches
  • Manage Retail Inventory
  • Manage Supplements Inventory
  • Manage Programs Pricing
  • And MORE



The ERA Fit App is not just a Personal Training Software to run your business...

It's a complete BUSINESS MODEL.

We are going to teach you how to walk your client through the customer journey in extraordinary detail.


Achieve Success Through Accountability

Learn from the Coaches at ERA Fit, other coaches using the platform and our strategic partners on how you can increase your profits, save more time, and get your clients LASTING results.

  • Private Facebook Group
  • Key Performance Indicator Reviews


Empowering Your Growth Through Mentorship and Education

Hop on weekly strategy calls with the ERA Fit team and our Strategic Partners as we discuss and teach on training, nutrition, mobility, sales, marketing, goal setting and much more!

  • Weekly Calls on
    - Marketing
    - Sales
    - Training
    - Nutrition
  • Monthly 1 on 1 Calls
  • Live Events


Kevon Daley

Hey all just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. I have been a coach for 15years and I have worked in small studios to big box luxury gyms.

I must say the Era Fit Personal Training Software is such a gift to our industry for running a business, to managing clients, to marketing.

I cannot wait to master the use of it and elevate the business side of things which can be struggle for full time coaches managing in person and online coaching.

Giuseppe PT Baldasseroni

Hi there. With two decades of experience in the fitness industry, I've seen it all. But what I'm about to share has revolutionized my business.

Before discovering the 7-Figure playbook and the ERA Fit App, I used to charge approximately $70 per session and $250 monthly for online coaching, amassing around 50K annually. In just over a year's time, I've escalated my charges to $175 for a session and $800 monthly for online coaching. This shift has tripled my earnings. An absolute game-changer!

24/7 Access to the EraFit APP


  • Progress Analytics (Body fat, muscle, strength, speed)
  • Your daily training, cardio and meals plans
  • Food log & workout tracking
  • Community member area access